Identify Potential Conflict Of Interest Online In Your University With Conflict Of Interest Application

Conflict of Interest is a condition that compromises the objectivity and makes researchers act wrongly. Since conflict of interest is unlikely to be eliminated by the professional and institutional level, organizations should identify and develop a strategy to deal with any conflict of interest. While conducting any research, researchers and faculty need to fill a disclosure regarding the conflict of interest that implies that the research results are not influenced by external factors or misconduct such as the trade of financial incentives for positive results. If the research is funded by a corporation, the author should issue a public statement that the research is free is bias. This is a way to adhering to the code of conduct needed for research while acknowledging the corporation’s contribution.
A conflict of interest arises when the research objective is influenced by the secondary interest like financial, personal and professional goals that harm the professional ju…

Set Goals And Track Progress Of Your Students With Mentor And Track System

IntroductionA mentor is an experienced friend who is there to provide guidance and support academically and in any number of ways and situations. Many of the world’s most successful business and world leaders credit mentors as key contributors to their success. According to the studies it is proven that the mentor has a positive impact on students. These include greater self-esteem and social-emotional development benefits - all critical for making the most of academic and career goals.
Behind every successful student, there is always a mentor who can be an inspirational teacher, parents or anybody else. If you were lucky enough to have someone who helped you along the way, then you know firsthand the value of mentoring. A mentor is an experienced friend or confidant who is there to provide guidance and support in any number of ways and situations, including academically. Many of the world’s most successful business and world leaders credit mentors as key contributors to their succes…

Manage Notes Related To State Authorization Using E-Learning Compliance

IntroductionState Authorization is a legal and regulatory term that applies to the university's compliance with individual statutes, regulations, and rules in each state in which it operates. Postsecondary institutions are required to seek individual authorization to deliver or facilitate educational services, programs, or activities from each state in which they operate.
State authorization is a requirement in the Higher Education Act that requires institutions to be authorized in the state in which they are located as a condition for eligibility to receive federal student aid. All higher education institutions must have state authorization in the states in which they are physically located, there are no federal requirements for distance education providers in states where the institution are not located. 
The regulation requires institution offering distance education requires to be authorized by each state in which the institution enrolls students, if such authorization is requir…

Internal Competitions app in Mentis

Internal Competition is an important aspect of any educational institute like university and college which leads to better teaching, learning and research. Inknowledge Inc. presents Internal Competitions app in Mentis that provides the platform for faculty to submit their proposals online for internal funding opportunities and other competitions.

With Internal Competition app,
You can announce limited submissions, internal funding opportunities and other competitions. Establish deadline and proposal submission guidelines.Let your faculty submit their proposals online from anywhere in the world.You can let faculty populate their proposal using information already available in Mentis. As all apps in Mentis can interact with each other. Data generated in one app can be easily consumed by the other thereby reducing data redundancy and improving the overall integrity of data.You can setup review committees for each program and use for multidisciplinary and tiered reviews to select the best p…

Faculty Productivity Management app

Faculty Productivity plays an important role in the progress of any educational institute. With the expansion of educational institutions, it has become very difficult for university and college to manage the administrative procedures and increase productivity faculty and researchers. To deal with this problem, Inknowledge Inc. presents Faculty Productivity app in  Mentis which helps university or college to increase the productivity of their faculty and researchers.

With Faculty Productivity app,
Update your profile frequently and just pull into your dossier when needed. The application is also integrated with other campus systems to reduce the data population.You can setup different workflows for different schools or colleges to fit their unique business requirements.You can set committees at any unit level to help a chair or dean in the evaluation process. Review deadlines can help make sure progress is made and there are no bottlenecks.You can let each college or school set their ow…

Community Service Learning app


Community Service Learning (CSL) is an educational approach that integrates service in the community with intentional activities. Within effective CSL efforts, members of both educational institutions and community organizations work together towards outcomes that are mutually beneficial.

Known by a variety of terms (e.g. service learning, community based learning), CSL programs are most effective when they include key elements drawn from experimental education theory, especially developing critical thinking and intentionally facilitating reflection. Carefully designed and implemented CSL programs and courses assist students to make meaning from their community experiences, to connect experience outside of the classroom to more theoretical study, and to develop as individuals in relation to their values, their sense of social responsibility, and their leadership skills.

Inknowledge Inc. present Community Service Learning app in Mentis to describe and document the community a…

Conflict of Interest Management app


Conflict of Interest is a situation that has the potential to undermine the impartiality of a person because of the possibility of a clash between the person's self-interest and professional interest or public interest. In today's research enterprise, it is understood that conflicts could be perceived to have an effect on the objectivity of research activities. The key to handling potential conflicts is full disclosure of the situation to allow monitoring and conflict management.

Inknowledge Inc. presents a comprehensive application in Mentis® for managing the conflict of interest in educational institutions like university and college. The conflict of interest app is useful for many departments of university and college like Office of Provost, Office of Research and Office of Chairs and Dean. Conflict of Interest app helps to -
Review the faculty's conflict of interest with each activity and changes in their disclosure.Automate conflict of interest disclosure wh…