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Track Expense For State Authorization Of Your Distance Education Program With E-Learning Compliance Application

State Authorization is a legal and regulatory term that applies to a university's compliance with individual statues, regulations, and rules in each state in which it operates. Postsecondary institutions are required to seek individual authorization to deliver or facilitate educational services, programs, or activities from each state in which they operate. Earlier, states had the authority to regulate institutions offering education within the state's boundaries, regardless of the face-to-face or distance mode being used.

In the United States, each state regulations vary from having no regulation to having very strict requirements. Each institution needs to become authorized by a state if they have a physical presence in that state. This presents some difficulty because states define physical presence differently. The common type of physical presence include internships, faculty employed by the university while living in the state, buildings, face-to-face courses offered in th…

How To Manage Research Grants Successfully With Grant Management System?

Grant Management is usually defined as the process and methods an institution oversees its grants. Grant management is the phase of the grantsmanship process that begins when an applicant signs an agreement with a grantor to accept a grant award and becomes a grantee.

Educational institutions like university or college usually deal with six types of grants that require management. They include - Capital grants that are generally for endowment, building, equipment, or construction, General operating grants that are for the everyday operations of an organization, Program/project grants that are for a specific activity or plan within an organization that is usually time-limited, Technical assistance grants that support an organization’s development or infrastructure needs, Planning grants that support the planning stages of a future project.

There is a significant administrative burden faced by a typical office of sponsored research which is centred on grant management, grant accounting an…

How To Track Physical Presence Of Employment, Advertisement, Instruction And Recruitment In Distance Education?


According to the State Authorization Reciprocity Agreement (SARA), an institution has a physical presence when it operates a campus, branch instructional facility whether leased or owned or adminstrative office within the boundaries of a state. However, because the specific definition currently varies greatly from state to state, especially with regard to out-of-state institutions that seek to conduct an activity within another state, State Authorization Reciprocity Agreement has established its own uniform standard for physical presence in distance education. This standard supersedes all conflicting state laws but does not affect the application of existing state laws to colleges that choose to operate outside of SARA or which are based in states that are not SARA members.

The institutions need to manage and track this set of triggers of the physical presence of their courses and programs delivered through a distance learning mode in various states. The E-Learning Complian…