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How E-Learning Compliance Application Helps University And Colleges?


E-Learning Compliance application assists university and colleges in the management of state authorization process and professional licensure. It assists in tracking the authorization process and current status of authorization for each state agency. It helps to maintain the database of online programs, faculty and other related data as needed.

E-Learning Compliance collects information from university staff, students and faculty through user-friendly forms. It helps to manage all documentation and communication exchanged with state agencies. It generates predefined to-do's and updates to help university staff stay updated with the authorization process.

Benefits of E-Learning Compliance

1. State Agency Database

E-Learning Compliance application provides a ready to use and comprehensive database of state entities and licensure boards covering over 35 different professions. The database of agency contacts and their links is maintained, so you don't have to search the…

How To Manage Student Enrollment With E-Learning Compliance Application

State Authorization is a legal and regulatory term that applies to a university's compliance with individual statuses, regulations, and rules in each state in which it operates. Postsecondary institutions are required to seek individual authorization to deliver or facilitate educational services, programs, or activities from each state in which they operate. States had a long authority to regulate institutions offering education within the state's boundaries, regardless of the face to face or distance learning. State regulations vary from having no regulation to having very strict requirements.

Institutions need to become authorized by a state if they have a physical presence in the state. This presents some difficulty because the state defines physical presence differently. The common type of physical presence includes internships, faculty employed by the university while living in the state, buildings, face to face course offered in the state, and distance education program o…

How E-Learning Compliance Application Can Help You Track Physical Presence Of Distance Education Program

Physical Presence plays an important role in state authorization of distance education program in a particular state in the United States. Educational institution offering distance education program needs to maintain the physical presence standard according to the program authorizing agencies. According to National Council for State Authorization Reciprocity Agreements (NC-SARA), an institution has a physical presence when it operates a campus, branch instructional faculty whether leased or owned or administrative office within the boundaries of a state. However, the specific definition currently varies greatly from state to state, especially with regard to out of state institutions that seek to conduct any activity within another state. 
For this purpose, NC-SARA has established its own uniform standard for physical presence in distance education. This standard takes the place of all conflicting state laws but does not affect the application of existing state laws to colleges that cho…