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Track Student Accomplishments With Mentor And Track System

Mentoring is defined as the pairing of a mentor with a lesser skilled or experienced one mentee, with the agreed-upon goal of having the mentee grow and develop specific competencies. In early times, it was very easy for a faculty to mentor students, due to their low number. But in modern time, with the more and more students taking up higher studies, it becomes very difficult for faculty to handle all the student’s queries and assist them to achieve their career goals. In such a situation, the faculty needs to depend on mentoring software to mentor their students.
If you are considering for a mentoring software then you should consider following comparison points, Flexible configuration Universities like mentoring because it fulfils multiple purposes. Depending upon your ultimate goals, there are several different formats that might fit your goals best. Furthermore, mentoring is dynamic and the right model you have now may not be the best model down the road. Be sure your s…

Identify Potential Conflict Of Interest Online In Your University With Conflict Of Interest Application

Conflict of Interest is a condition that compromises the objectivity and makes researchers act wrongly. Since conflict of interest is unlikely to be eliminated by the professional and institutional level, organizations should identify and develop a strategy to deal with any conflict of interest. While conducting any research, researchers and faculty need to fill a disclosure regarding the conflict of interest that implies that the research results are not influenced by external factors or misconduct such as the trade of financial incentives for positive results. If the research is funded by a corporation, the author should issue a public statement that the research is free is bias. This is a way to adhering to the code of conduct needed for research while acknowledging the corporation’s contribution.
A conflict of interest arises when the research objective is influenced by the secondary interest like financial, personal and professional goals that harm the professional ju…

Set Goals And Track Progress Of Your Students With Mentor And Track System

IntroductionA mentor is an experienced friend who is there to provide guidance and support academically and in any number of ways and situations. Many of the world’s most successful business and world leaders credit mentors as key contributors to their success. According to the studies it is proven that the mentor has a positive impact on students. These include greater self-esteem and social-emotional development benefits - all critical for making the most of academic and career goals.
Behind every successful student, there is always a mentor who can be an inspirational teacher, parents or anybody else. If you were lucky enough to have someone who helped you along the way, then you know firsthand the value of mentoring. A mentor is an experienced friend or confidant who is there to provide guidance and support in any number of ways and situations, including academically. Many of the world’s most successful business and world leaders credit mentors as key contributors to their succes…

Manage Notes Related To State Authorization Using E-Learning Compliance

IntroductionState Authorization is a legal and regulatory term that applies to the university's compliance with individual statutes, regulations, and rules in each state in which it operates. Postsecondary institutions are required to seek individual authorization to deliver or facilitate educational services, programs, or activities from each state in which they operate.
State authorization is a requirement in the Higher Education Act that requires institutions to be authorized in the state in which they are located as a condition for eligibility to receive federal student aid. All higher education institutions must have state authorization in the states in which they are physically located, there are no federal requirements for distance education providers in states where the institution are not located. 
The regulation requires institution offering distance education requires to be authorized by each state in which the institution enrolls students, if such authorization is requir…