Internal Competitions app in Mentis

Internal Competition is an important aspect of any educational institute like university and college which leads to better teaching, learning and research. Inknowledge Inc. presents Internal Competitions app in Mentis that provides the platform for faculty to submit their proposals online for internal funding opportunities and other competitions.

With Internal Competition app,
  • You can announce limited submissions, internal funding opportunities and other competitions. Establish deadline and proposal submission guidelines.
  • Let your faculty submit their proposals online from anywhere in the world.
  • You can let faculty populate their proposal using information already available in Mentis. As all apps in Mentis can interact with each other. Data generated in one app can be easily consumed by the other thereby reducing data redundancy and improving the overall integrity of data.
  • You can setup review committees for each program and use for multidisciplinary and tiered reviews to select the best proposal.
  • You can establish common deadlines and use review sheets to improve transparency into the review process.
For more information, please visit our official website Inknowledge Inc. You can also contact us at


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